The Razr - Purple set up, DCD's Signature soft tip dart - Black with Fit Flight Accessories & Case - 90% Tungsten, 18.5 gram barrel weight

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Engineered for versatility and balance, Dead Center's new signature soft tip dart barrel was designed with both armatures and professionals in mind. 
The aggressive ring grip provides bi-directional slip prevention and the narrowed diameter at the rear of the dart provides perfect finger placement for easier transitions. 
The precisely measured balance point also makes this dart completely adaptable for shooters whether they prefer to grip their dart at the rear (as pictured) or in the front. Both the tip and shaft end are universally 2ba threaded. Just pop the shaft in the tip end and the tip in the shaft end and you have the perfect dart for a whole different style of grip and throw.  
Package Contents: 

3 - DCD Signature Soft Tip Black Dart Barrels

3 - #3 (24.0mm) Normal Spinning Fit Shafts in black

3 - Fit Flight Purple Flights


1 - Dead Center Darts dart case with carabiner, Purple

Item Description: 

Material: 90% Tungsten 

Weight: 18.5 gram barrel weight, ~20g with set up

Length: 48.0 mm 

Diameter: 6.70 mm