Fit Shafts

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Fit Shafts come in a wide selection of colors, lengths, weights, materials, and styles offering players more options for an exceptionally personalized set up. All Fit Shafts are part of a proprietary system that are ONLY compatible with COSMO DARTS brand Fit Flights.

Options include:

3 style varieties: 



Durable and rigid with a normal taper. 



Light, flexible with a dramatic taper to a narrower shaft. 



The perfect combination of durability and flexibility.

8 different lengths, from 13 millimeter "micro" shafts, to 42.5 millimeter "never seen anyone shoot a shaft that long" shafts. 
(See the individual categories below for a full chart of weights and sizes for each shaft type.)

 And 4 series options made from different materials, each more durable than the last:

pic-item-07.jpg pic-item-04.jpg pic-item-06.jpg pic-item-05.jpg