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L-Style Global Concept - Love, Life, Luck 

"L" in L-style is for love, life, luck and many more wonderful L's. We named our brand "L-style" in the hope that darts can be of any help conveying Love and Peace to the world. We donate a part of the profits from sales to PDJ, JSFD and other darts associations, and people in need.
We hope we can help the darts industry grow bigger with our planning ability and Japanese technology. L-style CEO and Designer Jinta Serizawa In any sport, the equipment has evolved from the athlete's performance. Golf clubs, billiard cues, soccer balls and spikes have all evolved greatly, and we believe darts should too.
We put our utmost effort to develop the product pursuing functionality and beauty. What would be the right equipment for a player to trust? We think the best equipment does not disturb the flow of the game. Meaning that it is necessary to prevent the dart from easily breaking off or bouncing back, and for the flight to always remain at 90 degrees.
It's always important for the player to trust their equipment and feel confident throwing. It's even better if the equipment itself looks stylish and sexy. However, we're sorry that there is no equipment that lets you instantly play so well just because you make use of it. The best and fastest results come from persistent effort and hard work. Everyone, Let’s enjoy Darts together!

L-styles unique branding describes shafts with the capability to spin as "Silent." Any L-style brand shaft not listed as "Silent" is a locked style shaft and does not spin. 

L-Style brand flights are recommended to use with the corresponding L-Style shaft made for each type of flight, listed below:  
Flight-L works best with Laro Shafts. 
Champagne and Sparkling Champagne flights work best with L-Shafts.

While these shafts are recommended for best performance, all L-style flights will attach to all types of L-Style shaft as well as most other traditional nylon shafts. Not recommended for use with aluminum shafts. The L-Style flights material is typically too thick for the slots on an aluminum shaft.